schrei so laut du kannst!

April 26, 2007 at 2:50 PM


I screwed up my economic exam too.. but not as bad as the math one though.. I was up all night.. trying to memorize 216 pages of economic stuff.. ahhhh! I finished the whole book exactly 5 minutes before 9 am (my exam at 9.30 am).. brain overloaded with economic stuff. Since I stayed up all night now I’m a little woozy.. LOL. Couldn’t remember a thing! Last night I was like “inflation..zzz… stagflation… zzz… protectionism zzzz…. demand curve supply tradeunionbarrierblah9w34rwsfsdf;lksdfs,mefsi… zzzZZzzzz
So I rushed to the college at 9.20 am.. gah.. i was in such a hurry, so sleepy.. so I went to college in like.. my sweatpants and oversized shirt and fuzzy hair cuz I thought it was like math exam where I’d be taking the exam in a small room with like less than 10 people I’ve never met and cared.. turned out they combined many exams and make it in the auditorium..! AHH! I saw Lucy there taking the same exam.. AHHHH.. and I saw her bf Charles too! AHHH! I was like in a total mess .. had the gross zombie look going on! I saw some other familiar faces.. Opened the exam paper and my mind went blank! And my left temple started throbbing.. migraine 🙁 But thank god it wasn’t a painful one. I was reading the question and was like “inflation is … oh shit… scarcity is oh shit… market structures is …oh shit… difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics.. oh i know this!… no wait.. OH SHIT

I was like.. trying to search for words what to put on the paper. 🙁 Then like by 10.10 am.. one by one started to leave the room.. I was like.. WTF? How could they finish this early?? Charles tapped my table and I smiled at him, LOL.. seriously, on the day I look horrible is the day I meet old friends.. bah.. before 11.30 am .. Lucy left and there was like less than 5 people in the room.. So I left one question and decided to leave before 12 pm.. because we’re not allowed to leave half an hour before the exam finishes. Didn’t want to stay alone.

2 done. 1 more to go.

I’m gonna post Tokio Hotel’s video on this page so i can release my tension watching Bill.. screaming.. schreeeeiiiii!

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