April 25, 2007 at 6:28 AM

This is gonna be short though. Yesterday as I was blogging my previous post, suddenly the domain server went bezerk.. like it won’t load and stuff.. and just now I got an email from the hosting company saying there was a script in my other domain (which shares space with this domain) that’s being abused… goddamn spam script!!!!!!!! It made my usage overloaded the entire server. 1000+ spam comments.. no wonder my domain won’t load yesterday. I used greymatter for blogging before so there’s no protection for the comment part.. but the guy has disabled the script so I think should be ok. Will take the blog down soon. But look what I found from the old blog – an old picture of me! LOL. The only pic I found.. I lost the rest during the disk format 🙁

PS: Starbucks coffee is t3h s3x!