April 24, 2007 at 1:09 AM


Well exam today was seriously fucked up.
Seriously. Half of the questions were on the 4 chapters that I didn’t learn (differentiation, second level derivative, integration and economic applications)…… and some questions were totally blah! Like not something we learned. I have to retake again. This time I’m going to class 🙁 No more self studying because it’s stupid. H invited to have lunch at pizza hut but I declined.. no appetite to eat, LOL. Was too pissed off at the exam but he was nice enough to buy me some super duper delicious yummylicious BBQ chicken wings tonight .. aww 🙂

Oh well, one exam done, 2 more to go.

*sighs* If only I could kidnap a boy to rape right now.. LOL.. Billy Martin or Bill Kaulitz…………………. *crazy psychotic fan girl mode*


I read that GC rocked at the malaysia’s concert.. and I missed it for nothing! GAH. I hate myself. By the way, the shirt Billy’s wearing in the picture is the new item from his clothing line, LEVEL27 … I so need to get a new hoodie there.. and shirt.. What I like about Billy is that he loves dark arts and ZOMBIES.. oh yeah 😀 He’s an amazing artist. You can check out his arts here! I still love my Level27 hoodie.. it’s the hoodie that Billy saw, the one that Good Charlotte hugged… and signed! And I’m posting 2 sexy pics of Bill Kaulitz.. ich liebe dich!! *fangirl scream* Ok enough babbling