April 23, 2007 at 1:39 AM

I decided not to go to Good Charlotte‘s concert last yesterday. I hate myself. I hate the fucking college and exams. πŸ™ Today’s Math exam.. and I currently have forgotten everything that I’ve learned. ARRRRGh. What am I doing blogging now? I dunno. I need a break. My brain has been tortured enough.
Happy Belated Columbine Anniversary. 4/20

So yesterday I went to study with Sharina at the library… nothing exciting happened. Later we went to McDonalds for a short while.. but my ex (I’ll just refer to him as H from now on cuz I’m not sure if he allows me to put his name here? lol).. so H text messaged me while I was studying and I said I’m hungry so he dropped off McDonalds meal on the garden table πŸ™‚ Yay. I ended up staying up all night again.. sorta studying while er.. being on SL. lol.

Oh ya, H asked me to go to secretaries nite dinner that the secretary club at my college is having early next month.. H is willing to sponsor me.. πŸ˜‰ Yay. He said they have outdone my secretary club before because they are having it at the Syuen Hotel, which is quite expensive.. wow. Ours before was at Hillcity Hotel.. which is small and a bit sucky.. and I was the EMCEE with H.. ahhhh. I remember how stressed I got. Oh and also, H said he’s gonna sponsor my hair rebonding.. which means my hair won’t be fuzzy anymore! Woot woot. I seriously need a trim or haircut.. I’m just not sure if I wanna go for the emo style, cute-girl-next-door style or just plain normal. Hmmm.

jared.jpgI’m so totally in love with Jared Leto in THE KILL video (by 30 seconds from mars)
Goddamn hot emo look.
Goddamn hot guys with eyeliner.

Actually I didn’t know it was Jared Leto until I heard it in the radio yesterday.. no wonder he looked familiar. I loved him in.. urban legends I think. I forgot what other movies I’ve seen him in.

I forgot what other stuff I wanna blog about. Yeah. so I’ll go back studying now. Wish me luck. I seriously think I’m gonna fail tomorrow. Hopefully my econ and accounting will be fine. Blah.