Deco with Eric!

April 1, 2007 at 10:48 PM

Yay in Kuala Lumpur now. Hate this place. Missed my new comp.. *HUGS IT TIGHT*

Yesterday didn’t do anything except being in second life.. didn’t sleep last night so this morning mom and I went to 1Utama shopping mall for audition/interview for this tv show.. 13 winners will get their house refurnished for free…arrived there at 10:30 am during heavy rain…turned out there was already a LOOOOOOONG queue πŸ™ Look –


– and that pic I took after I moved to the front… but I didn’t get interviewed by Eric Leong pffft. Should have camped at the mall earlier πŸ˜› But I did capture a few pics of Eric interviewing those damn lucky people πŸ™ Yes, he’s the BALD one!




Hehe weird to see him there and not on tv furnishing other people’s houses. Video coming shortly. Since I was so hungry so I went to Yoshinoya to eat my lunch…YUMMY! Haven’t had that in a while πŸ˜€ After lunch, went shopping for food.. lol. Then we went back home. Yeah. That’s it. Haha.