Table Linens

January 21, 2015 at 12:07 PM

table linenI need to be quick with this entry. I currently have no electricity and my laptop is running on broken battery, which will last for about less than 15 minutes or so. Yes, I need a new battery but what’s the point? I don’t use the battery a lot and it’s always connected to the AC adapter anyway.

Are you looking for table linens? There are some table linens on clearance that you can check out. I’ve written about this company before so I’m not gonna repeat another entry…I’d search for that entry but like I said, I’m on limited battery right now.

And I’m depressed. What else is new, right?

I need to move on with my life.

Keyboard Cat

January 19, 2015 at 2:17 AM

I did a youtube search with the keyword ‘keyboard’ and this came up:

Super lulz!

That’s just too darn cute. I’ve never seen that video before which is strange since it’s a viral video. I wish my cat would do something like that. I remember when I was 7 or 8, and this music school came to my school and told us to go to their place for a demo, so I asked my mom and it was so much fun. I wanted to play the organ. Mom suggested piano instead. It was okay at first. Then it got weird. Then it was traumatizing.

Oh while I’m on the subject, click the link if you’re looking for a 88-key keyboard stand.

I downloaded so many free books from Amazon to my Kindle today and I still have a lot to finish so I better start reading them. Toodles.

Sickness All Around

January 17, 2015 at 10:58 PM

Wow, my new year hasn’t been starting well at all. Nonstop chains of bad luck. I’ll write in a new post about it later but I want to talk about sickness for now.

Early last month, my outdoor cat Monyet had urinary tract infection. He went missing for 5 days but thankfully he came back. Spent RM200 on him, darn expensive specialist vet. He seems to be okay now, but I haven’t been sticking to his expensive diet so i hope his UTI won’t come back, urgh.

Last month my beloved Puteh passed away due to something – I’m assuming pneumonia or at least some infection in his lung when I thought he had a normal fever. Until now I cry when I think about him, and this regret has been consuming me – regret of not taking him to the vet when I had the chance. It might or might not have saved him, but at least I took him but I didn’t. FML. Until now there’s this huge void in my life because he’s been very close to me.

Shortly after that, my other cat Botak got sick, so did my outdoor cat Gigirl Chi. I thought Botak had normal fever. It’s been raining a lot, the weather’s been cold so fever would be common. But after 3 days he wasn’t getting better nor eating at all, I decided to take him to the vet. Didn’t want to make the same mistake like I did with Puteh. He got better :) Turned out to be poisoning though. That was unexpected.

Gigirl Chi had some infection or something in her mouth, prolly her teeth. She had trouble eating, prolly was too painful to eat. Whatever she wanted / could eat, I gave her, even the expensive cat food not meant for my outdoor cats. I even bought wet cat food. Well her pain worsened until she wouldn’t eat at all and for days she was hiding in the drain. I tried my best to help her but every time I gave her food, she ran away, like she was mad at me. :(

And this week, for the whole week, it was my turn to have food poisoning. :( Unfortunately the stomach discomfort and diarrhea didn’t go away completely after 2 days. It came back yesterday. It’s been 6 days now and my stomach still feels very uncomfortable. I could barely eat anything. Urgh.

Now I saw this at an online pet pharmacy (what, how come Malaysia don’t have one??).
The link is:

From my understanding, it’s for dogs but it says – “Simplicef can be used to treat many different types of infections such as bronchitis or pneumonia as well as ear, skin, and urinary tract infections.

Is there a similar one to cats? If there isn’t, why?? It could have helped Puteh and Monyet :(

My cat Ketot is suffering from bad ear infection too. Taking her to the vet next week, if my own damn sickness would go away…


January 17, 2015 at 8:11 PM
apothecary harry potter

Image from Artfully Musing


When someone says ‘apothecary’, it reminds me so much of Harry Potter. It also makes me think of a shop with weird kind of potions and medicines and such and not like the current pharmacy that we have in Malaysia where it’s more like a mini version of a hospital/clinic. I guess shops like Guardian, Watson etc. can be called a drug store.

You can visit Smallflower for apothecary products online.

Now I feel like reading Harry Potter again. I actually have so many books that I need to finish reading. Eeep.

First Post For 2015

January 2, 2015 at 7:18 AM


Glad 2014 is over. It’s been a really bad year that I don’t even want to remember. There’s not a single good thing that happened that year. Beginning of the year I lost some cats, mid of the year I lost some cats, end of the year I lost my dearest kitty unexpectedly. I also had the worst kind of sickness mid and almost end of the year. Even right now one kitty is sick.

Beginning of the year MH370 went missing, mid of the year MH17 was shot down, end of the year AirAsia QZ8501 crashed (technically not our flight but Indonesian but the brand is ours so it’s still related), plus massive flooding in some states that caused massive devastation.

My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the people affected by the tragedies mentioned above.

Then my iMac died, my TV died, my aicond died, my car died a day before Christmas, now my computer mouse died…

As for my life, eh. The only thing that’s worth remembering are the fun time I had when my friend came to Ipoh or went I went to KL to karaoke, I got myself a Kindle (FINALLY) after wishing for years, I went to Langkawi, I finally could drive my Myvi again after a few problems, celebrated Raya at my kampung for the first time in over a decade, and… that’s pretty much it.

Usually I’d write a post before new year and reminisce but don’t wanna remember anything. Didn’t even feel like celebrating, didn’t even watch the countdown. I can only hope things will change this year. I say that every new year but things never change for the better.

Oh well.