Beach Homes

April 20, 2014 at 8:50 PM

I was looking at bal harbour homes for sale here.. no reason. Just bored. You know what would be nice right now?

A fricken beach home.


What would be better than having a home overlooking the ocean? You could sit down there, relax, enjoy some good hot chocolate and read a book. Ahh.So nice isn’t it?

I don’t like some sceneries at the local beaches here. I went to Langkawi a couple of months ago (still need to blog about that!) and felt like it would be nice for a day or two vacation but not live there. I got so bored and didn’t like the place that much.. especially the fact that it’s a tourist place and everything is kind of expensive and you know you could get it cheaper at mainland.. except for duty free stuff! Ahhh.. heaven. Chocolates… mm.. but I still won’t live there based on the fact that duty free stuff are cheaper like chocolates.. you don’t eat chocolates everyday. I’d still get very bored. There’s nothing much to do at the island compared to islands that you see on TV and movies.

But anyways, I didn’t enjoy my time there because of certain reasons which I don’t want to write here right now. But if I wasn’t depressed and in a bad mood, it would’ve been a good opportunity to release stress and tension. I’d love a good, long, quiet time at the beach reading something accompanied by the sound of the waves or even just contemplate life by looking at the water.

A beach home would still be nicer. You get all above at the comfort of your own home if it’s in places like Malibu or Miami perhaps. Heh.


April 20, 2014 at 7:59 PM

I’ve been very sick lately with various different kinds of sickness. Right now, I’m suffering from a never ending girl problem and a swollen throat. I can barely talk without stressing the swelling and causing pain, nor could I even swallow anything without feeling pain in my throat. I also have a few other problems that I don’t want to mention here otherwise it’ll be a very lengthy post about my sickness.

I know I haven’t been taking care of myself that well. Maybe stress and depression also have some effects and taking a toll on me. I don’t take vitamins or anything because I can never stick to it. When you’re constantly depressed about things that are so serious and affecting your life, you tend to not give a damn about anything else, especially yourself.


Has anyone tried hunzan apricot seeds? I wonder what are the nutrients and how it affects your health. Can anybody recommend a good vitamin for my body and health that’s currently deteriorating? Oh God, first of all, I need to get rid of this pain in my throat. It hurts, damnit!


April 20, 2014 at 7:43 PM

My hair is so uncontrollable nowadays. Premature greying getting serious, and it’s urgh.

I feel like going Britney – shave it all up.

Quite a while ago I was thinking about wigs. There are a lot of nice and real looking wigs that you can buy and the best thing about wearing a wig is that you can change hairstyles and color without actually changing your real hair. And if you’re having a bad day or just too lazy to style your hair, put on a wig! I like Asian hair, because they’re fluffy, long, slightly curly or wavy and oh so pretty.. like this one.


So nice.

Revlon also have some nice wigs but obviously very western looking.. I wonder where to buy revlon wigs in Malaysia.

But of course, there are cons on wearing a wig. First of all, those cheap wigs look very fake and people would know you’re wearing one. Those made with real hair will look real, but those aren’t will look so weird. Then it’s not as strong as your real hair. In heavy wind, the wind might blow your hair away. Oh.. that would be so embarrasing.


Goodbye Keypoh…

April 10, 2014 at 3:07 AM

At the beginning of every year, when I make my new year’s resolution or wish, there’s one thing that I always wish – to have an awesome year ahead. Wishing for no drama and no depression. And shortly after that, I get a confirmation that my wishes never came true when shit happened.

Yesterday morning, I lost Keypoh, one of my cats. I noticed that for the past week or two, she’s been quiet and not as energetic as she used to be. I sensed something was wrong but a few days ago she was back to her original self. She’s been eating, she was cheerful, until 2 days ago when she was so quiet and barely responding to me at all. She didn’t eat nor drink. I’ve faced kitty death so much that I know well the signs of you know.. death approaching. So I was preparing myself. At least when you’re expecting it, it won’t hurt as much as something that came as a shock. At least you have time to prepare and accept what’s coming. I had 2 days to prepare for what’s coming.

Apart from that, I’ve been having major health problems since last month. And it’s not helping that yesterday I woke up with an excruciating pain in my right foot – the same kind of pain I’ve been having since December in my left foot. It’s like they’ve switched. I don’t even know what happened. So since yesterday I’ve been in SO MUCH PAIN and limping like [insert a word here].

I have other problems too that I cannot mention here. I have high tolerance for pain and sorrow and depression but try having 5-10 major problems at the same time. Tell me if you don’t end up in a mental hospital or do something stupid. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been avoiding people. I’m alone, always alone. I tried talking to some people about my problems but nobody understands my shit, nobody would help and end up making it worse. So screw that. I’ll deal with my shit alone.

It seems that the older I get, the more shit I get into, and the more I feel like … I don’t want to mention it here so let’s just end it at that.

Goodbye Keypoh.
I miss you so very much :(


No Internet = Ultimate Boredom

March 31, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Okay so for almost one week, I didn’t have internet. No internet = ultimate boredom. To top that, I was tethering from my mobile phone and Maxis has been so SHIT. It keeps getting disconnected or just not connecting at all. So stressful! So, for almost a week, my life felt incomplete. I was like wrapped in my own cocoon, disconnected from the outside world. I hate that feeling.

So I didn’t get to do much except read a book, watch TV shows and sleep. Once in a while I would check facebook and that’s it. I couldn’t work on my website either. Speaking of website, I’ve registered my new domain! Was working on it until they fucking suspended my account. I didn’t know they could do that even when I haven’t reached my account credit limit (for Unifi). So now I can go back to finishing my site. It’s all set up except I have to tweak a bit here and there, setup plugins and I’ll be done. It will be my new personal site. I’ll reveal the address soon.

Claudia came to Ipoh a couple of days ago due to some event and I decided to see her yesterday and we hung out. That was nice. I also got “Awek Chuck Taylor” book by Nami Cob Nobbler. Damn all the hype and review had me all excited and desperate to get that book. I’m currently reading ‘Cerita Satu Malam‘ so I’ll finish that one first (almost done), then KL Noir: White then Pinjam then I’ll start on Awek Chuck Taylor. Had to get it yesterday because MPH had some book festival going on so I had 15% discount. Yesterday was the last day.

Awek Chuck Taylor by Nami Cobb Nobbler

I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not. I’ve also read a good amount of negative reviews but I feel it’s personal preference. Not everybody would like the same thing you do. I won’t let that hinder me from reading this. We’ll see if I end up liking it or not. I’m thinking of making another personal book review blog since now I’ve found my love for reading again like I used to when I was young. I don’t know what happened that made me lose interest in reading completely… oh wait. I know what happened. Computer and internet came, that’s why.

I wanted to read ‘Babi‘ because of course, I heard all the hype and positive comments about that book. Didn’t have enough cash for it :( I wish Lejen Press would start selling their books online in ebook form like Buku Fixi. I’m happy I could get majority of Buku Fixi through Google Play at half the price of the printed book.

I have updated the layout of Sinfully Delicious – Malaysian Food Blog a bit! I wasn’t happy with the old layout and kept wanting a cleaner 2 columns look. Finally took the time yesterday to fix that. Next up to fix my movie review blog because I hate the layout and then finish working on my new domain.